The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Lori ORTEGA from Galveston (Texas, USA), Suraida NANEZ-JAMES from Galveston (Texas, USA), Michelle RAYBURN from Calgary (Canada) and Leonard PACE from Brooklyn (New York, USA).

Michael UNWIN from the United Kingdom took part of the Assistantship program from the 1st of April to the 15th of May, he has now joined us until the 16th of June as a guest.

Friday the 6th of June 2003... a wonderful day finally! I know it is winter after all, so we should feel happy about every day we can spend at sea... but we probably have been spoiled the last couple of months with very good weather and great sharks!

Lenny is our Bait Master today!

Lenny and Michelle jumped over onto Stan, Shark Diving Unlimited's commercial cage diving boat, to enter the cage and admire these White Sharks from underwater. They were very lucky both seeing the sharks and especially in such wonderful conditions - the visibility was great!
Michael Rutzen, owner of Shark Diving Unlimited, certainly kept us also entertained with a display of mouth openings on Stan anchored next to us...

We had one White Shark swimming around the boat for over 90 minutes... just slowly cruising around the boat... we observed 16 different White Sharks today!

This sequence of images shows two White Sharks approaching the bait simultaneously... the bait was retrieved, but the larger shark attacked the smaller shark coming from the distance. The small shark got away, but not without some distinctive scars. An amazing sight and shear display of their potential speed and agility!